N84 Fuels are tyre specialists, providing a range of Tyres and Spares suitable for all vehicles


Ensuring that the tyres on your vehicle are up to scratch is vital to ensure their safety and roadworthiness. Here at N84 Fuels, we supply, fit, and install a range of tyres suitable for all types of vehicle, including private cars and light commercial vehicles. As established tyre specialists, we offer some of the best tyre deals in Galway, with cheap tyres and package deals always available for our customers.

As well as supplying tyres, we provide wheel alignment services for all cars and light commercial vehicles to prevent tyre wear and ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely all year round. We sell used and new tyres, with all major brands stocked in our Galway garage.

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N84 Fuels Provide a Full Range of Tyre Services

  • New Tyres for Sale

  • Used Tyres for Sale

  • Tyre Installation

  • Tyre Checks

  • Tyre Maintenance Services

  • Wheel Alignment Services

  • Tyre Package Deals Available

  • Stocking all Major Tyre Brands

Tyres FAQ

  • How often should I have my car tyres checked?

    You should check the pressure of your tyres every few weeks to ensure that they are inflated to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If your tyre pressure is not meeting these specifications, it could lead to more wear and tear on your tires, which can be dangerous.

  • How much do new tyres cost?

    The price of new tyres varies depending on the brand and whether you want to buy new or used tyres. Get in touch with N84 Fuels today for a free quote on any of our tyres, or visit our online store.

  • How often should I replace my tyres?

    Generally speaking, a car’s tyres should be replaced every five to six years. This can vary depending on how much mileage you do on a yearly basis.