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N84 Fuels offers professional Galway Car Services including repairs, maintenance & parts installation


Here at N84 Fuels, we offer a comprehensive range of services suitable for the repair and maintenance of all private cars and light commercial vehicles.
With over 30 years of industry experience, our team of professional car mechanics offer top-class services at budget-friendly prices.
From general repair services to pre-NCT servicing and maintenance checks, we do it all.

As a fully stocked garage, we can supply you with spares for your vehicle, installing and repairing anything that needs to be done as quickly as possible at your convenience.
Whether you’re a first-time driver or an experienced commercial vehicle operator, our services are suitable for all cars and light commercials.


For more information on any of our Car Services, get in touch today

Offering a Wide Range of Vehicle Services

Vehicle Maintenance

Aesthetic Vehicle Repairs

Crash Repairs

Light Repairs & Bulb Replacements

Pre-NCT Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

Engine Repairs

Electronic Repairs

Tyre Replacements & Fitting

Spare Auto Parts

Used Car Sales

N84 Fuels has a constant selection of top-quality used cars available for sale. We stock all makes and models of used vehicles, with options available for first-time drivers and established drivers. All of our cars are fully serviced and all repairs can be completed before sale, ensuring that any car bought from us is guaranteed to be high-quality, reliable, and road-worthy.

Car Services FAQ

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  • Do you fit tyres or just sell them?
    We do both! We sell tyres but can also fit them in your vehicle for you.
  • Where can I find auto repairs near me?
    N84 Fuels provides Galway auto repairs and vehicle servicing suitable for all vehicles. We also stock a full range of spare parts to aid vehicle repairs.
  • What kind of solid fuels do you supply?
    We supply a large range of Galway solid fuels including coal, briquettes, timber logs, fire logs, and more.
  • I need auto repairs near me, can you help?
    Yes, of course- N84 Fuels provides Galway auto repairs suitable for all types of private cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • How much does it cost to get a car serviced?
    The price of a car service varies depending on the type of car you own. Get in touch with our team for a free quote on our vehicle servicing prices.
  • How long will it take to repair my car?
    The time it will take to repair your car completely depends on the type of repairs needed, and whether we need to order in spare parts or not. If you need urgent Galway car repairs, get in touch for an estimate on how long this would take us.
  • How often should I replace my tyres?
    Generally speaking, a car’s tyres should be replaced every five to six years. This can vary depending on how much mileage you do on a yearly basis.
  • How often should I have my car tyres checked?
    You should check the pressure of your tyres every few weeks to ensure that they are inflated to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If your tyre pressure is not meeting these specifications, it could lead to more wear and tear on your tires, which can be dangerous.
  • How much do new tyres cost?
    The price of new tyres varies depending on the brand and whether you want to buy new or used tyres. Get in touch with N84 Fuels today for a free quote on any of our tyres, or visit our online store.
  • Do you offer fuel pumping services?
    Yes. Our team are happy to pump fuel for you while you wait inside your vehicle.
  • Where can I buy cheap fuel in Galway?
    N84 Fuels provides cheap fuel in Galway that doesn’t compromise on quality. With bundle deals and special offers always available, you can rest assured of a great deal with {company_name}.
  • What is the best fuel to use in my stove?
    The best fuel to use in a stove is usually coal or briquettes, depending on the type of stove you own. Get in touch with N84 Fuels for advice on the best type of solid fuel to buy.
  • Where can I find coffee in Galway?
    N84 Fuels has a coffee machine in our petrol station, providing delicious black coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, and more.
  • I need to find a petrol station near me- can you help?
    Yes, N84 Fuels is a Galway petrol station offering numerous vehicle fuelling stations and a variety of snacks, drinks, teas, and coffees.
  • Do you accept DCI Fuel cards?
    Yes, we accept DCI Fuel cards
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