Solid Fuel

N84 Fuels provides a comprehensive range of Solid Fuel for Sale online and from our Galway Garage

Solid Fuel

Keeping your home warm is important, especially during the cold winter months in Galway. Here at N84 Fuels we offer a wide range of solid fuel for homes with all kinds of heating systems ranging from stoves to gas heaters and open fires. With a convenient location in Ballindooley, Galway, we offer a click and collect service for online customers as well as ordinary solid fuel sales from our petrol station.

We provide all types of fuel for sale including coal, briquettes, kindling, timber, kerosene home heating oil, and more. With bundle deals and special offers available often, you can be sure of a competitively priced and high-quality product when working with N84 Fuels

Order Solid Fuel for Click & Collect

Offering a Range of Fuel Products

  • Coal

  • Briquettes

  • Logs

  • Kindling

  • Fire Lighters

  • Kerosene Heating Oil

Vehicle Fuel

As well as our range of solid fuel options for burning in the home, we provide all types of vehicle fuel from our Galway petrol station, including petrol, diesel, and agricultural fuel.

We have self-pump stations and our team are happy to fuel your vehicle while you’re inside for a quick, easy, and stress-free service.

Solid Fuel FAQ

  • Where can I buy cheap fuel in Galway?

    N84 Fuels provides cheap fuel in Galway that doesn’t compromise on quality. With bundle deals and special offers always available, you can rest assured of a great deal with {company_name}.

  • What is the best fuel to use in my stove?

    The best fuel to use in a stove is usually coal or briquettes, depending on the type of stove you own. Get in touch with N84 Fuels for advice on the best type of solid fuel to buy.

  • Do you offer fuel pumping services?

    Yes. Our team are happy to pump fuel for you while you wait inside your vehicle.